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District Sports Officer, Darbhanga

Regarding selection of Eligibility and Honorarium for Trainer

10/09/2022 30/09/2022 View (652 KB)
Nagar Panchayat- Singhwara, Kamtaul, Hayaghat ,Bharwara and Nagar parishad jale


07/09/2022 30/09/2022 View (2 MB) Nagar Panchayat Singhwara (2 MB) Nagar panchayat kamtaul (900 KB) Nagar panchayat Hayaghat (2 MB) Nagar Panchayat Bharwara (2 MB) Nagar parishad jale (2 MB)
District Establishment Office, Darbhanga

Notice regarding Scrutiny of certificates for selected candidate for post of Clerk  on 19.09.2022

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District Establishment Office

Order regarding Training Program for Newly appointment Revenue Karamchari

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District Establishment Office

Notice for absent newly selected Revenue Karamchari during Counselling on 29.08.2022

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