Folk Arts

It is characterized by the line drawings, which is to be filled in by bright colours and contrast or pattern. The painting ado med wall and verandahs and were constantly changing or renewed depending on the celebrations, God, ceremonies and family events. Some of them is as follows:

  1. The first mention of crafts similar to “sujni” comes in the description of bedspreads and wall hanging. It is popular as Sujni.
  2. It is the grass article, which made by the women of North Bihar particularly of the Darbhanga district. Sikki seems to grow anywhere in this area . It is tall and rush with a lovely golden shade and most attractive. The coiling technique, which is the oldest, used in Sikki. The common long grass is wired and stitched together with the sikki dyes in several shaded using a needle called Takua.
  3. It is one of the Darbhanga art. The inlay continues to be done with different materials like metal, ivory, etc. and stage chips of woods in other grains or tints are used to get varied effects to great advantage.
    Mithila Paintings.
  4. It is prepared with the primary colours of natural origin on paper and cloth. It is also used on the occasion of mythological and religious events.